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The benefits of professional tools

Bosch Green vs Blue

Bosch green or blue? A frequently asked question from customers.

The answer depends on who you are. For occasional power tool users, Bosch’s green power tool range is just perfect. If you are a professional tradesman or an intensive user, blue products provide extra robustness and a host of safety, health and warranty benefits that are indispensable.

Find our handy guide to all the important factors in the Bosch green vs blue debate
Have battery-operated drills have caught up with their corded counterparts?

Corded vs Cordless

Even as a very experienced construction expert who is looking forward to getting started on their next important construction job, you may find yourself wondering whether a corded or cordless drill should be your power tool of choice.

Whilst it's an excellent question to ask, the answer is unfortunately far from simple, given that features, such as the intensity and duration of drill power as well as the material that will be drilled are no longer decisive factors when it comes to choosing the perfect drill for the task at hand.

Is the corded vs cordless drill debate still relevant?

All you need to know.

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Bosch Professional Toolbox App

An indispensable electronic assistant, the Bosch Toolbox App is dedicated to getting the best out of your tools.

Increase the effectiveness of your Bosch tools and make your every-day routines more efficient.

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Power tool battery options
Choosing the right battery

Battery technology contributes greatly to the effectiveness and convenience of power tools. This is especially important for tradespeople because of their intensive usage habits.

So, in order to ensure a first-class user experience, it pays to familiarise yourself with the different power tool battery options available to you before investing in a new Bosch tool or an additional battery.

Your power tool battery options
Jigsaw vs Circular
Saws A comparison

Many tradespeople have both a jigsaw and a circular saw in their professional power
tool collection, but a jigsaw vs circular saw comparison will help you understand which
jobs each of them should be used for and how you can get the best out of each.

Which is the best professional tool for the task at hand?
Trade and tools
Professionals: Which items could you not do without?

Trade and tools are closely related. That's because, as we all know, a job becomes easier if you have just the right tools for it.

In the Bosch Professional range, you can always find products that are perfectly designed for the specific tasks of your trade.

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Protecting you and your tools
Sensor Technology

Most Bosch Professional Power Tools come equipped with advanced sensor technology that helps users avoid three common risks associated with power tool use.

Get to know three of the advanced sensor technologies in selected products helping to prevent three dangers associated with power tool use: kickback, dropping and overheating.

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Learn everything about Bosch Power Tools with a concentrated accumulation of
knowledge and learning media surrounding the topics, technology and application
of our power tools.

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