Cordless Drills and Drivers | Bosch Professional Shop

Cordless drills and drivers provide the convenience and freedom of movement that you need in order to work fast, flexible and comfortable.

For Professionals who are unwilling to compromise

Giving you the power you need, Bosch’s cordless power tools for trade and industry offer convenience and flexibility.

At last, professional construction workers of the trade and industry no longer need to trade off flexibility or performance, when it comes to their preference of power tools, since Bosch’s cutting edge, compact cordless power tools ingeniously unite the effortless handling that is associated with exceptional ergonomic design and the full freedom of movement of that only battery tools can offer.

As with many other battery-operated power tools, one of the greatest advantages of using a cordless power tool by Bosch can be found in its name, which also happens to be one of its most remarkable qualities. Purchasing any of Bosch’s cordless power tools will ensure that the time you spent untangling, tripping over, or working around cords, is a thing of the past.

Bosch’s long-lasting lithium-ion technology gives you the power you need to tackle even the toughest of jobs

Regardless of whether your next on the job task calls for you to work with a drywall screwdriver, a hand-held circular saw, a sabre saw, a hammer drill, a multi rotary tool, or an orbital sander, all of the Bosch 18V state of the art cordless power tools will ensure that you experience unlimited freedom of movement and brute power without ever having to look for an electrical outlet again, before you can get to work. Bosch cordless tools are simply the best option for all of your future projects, regardless of how big or small they may be.