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Formidable cutting discs for smooth and fast cuts. Are your angle grinder discs sharp enough for your job? Cutting with a blunt disc is a difficult and strenuous task. For metal cutting discs that stay sharp for longer, you need our EXPERT cutting discs. They use Bosch Carbide Technology for extra durability and an X-Lock system to secure the accessory in place. This also ensures quick accessory changes, reducing the time taken on demolition, restoration and construction projects. Our angle grinder discs are versatile enough to cut through all kinds of materials like wood, plastics, stainless steel and even heavy cast iron.

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Find accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Smooth, clean cuts with Bosch cutting discs

Whether it’s pipework, sheet materials, wood, concrete, or metal, cutting discs can be used to make clean and safe cuts in a variety of materials. These tough cuts are easier to make if you pair a disc cutting blade with the right tool. For example, an angle grinder can be used with a cutting disc to quickly and safely trim materials and cut them down to size.

The key to safely and efficiently using an angle grinder is using high quality disc cutting blades. Here at Bosch Professional, we supply a broad selection of discs for use on a variety of materials, including specific cutting wheels for metal and for concrete, as well as multi-purpose cutting discs that can be used across a range of different materials.

Multi-wheel disc cutting blades

Recent advances in technology have allowed us to create the next generation of disc cutters. Our EXPERT carbide multi-wheel cutting discs can now cut all kinds of materials that were previously off-limits for angle grinders. These include softer materials, such as wood, plastics, and modern composites, as well as traditional materials like stone, metals, and concrete. Our multi-material cutting discs not only offer greater cutting flexibility on-site, but also reduce the number of times the disc needs to be changed, saving both on time and costs.

Bosch multi-wheel disc cutting blades are available in different sizes including both 115 mm and 125 mm diameters and are equipped with X-LOCK and standard locknut fittings.

Improve efficiency with metal cutting discs

The durability of metal is one of the qualities that makes it useful for a wide range of applications. However, this also makes it very difficult to cut without having the correct type of tool and blade. Our Bosch EXPERT disc cutters are designed to cut with minimal fuss or difficulty through all metals, such as steel, pipes, and other non-ferrous metals. The premium aluminium oxide discs are treated with a phenol resin, which can withstand even the most demanding applications.

The precise manufacturing of the finish on each disc ensures a high level of stability when cutting, for improved accuracy and safety. Our portfolio of metal cutting discs are available in a range of bore sizes, diameters and securing mechanisms.

Disc blades for other types of tools

In addition to disc cutting blades for small angle grinders and blades for large angle grinders, the Bosch Professional Accessory range also includes blades for chop saws, petrol saws, and marble cutters. No matter what material you are cutting, Bosch cutting discs can help you get the job done.

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