Bosch EXPERT ‘Multi-Material’ Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade cutting a metal pipe


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The new EXPERT line of top-performance accessories features a wide range of drill bit tips and blade teeth that leverage Bosch Professional Carbide Technology. Bosch Carbide Technology combines an optimum grade of tungsten carbide with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Step up from standard power tool accessories to carbide-tipped power tool cutting accessories and experience increased accessory life.


The difference is in the mix.

The advantages of using cutting tools with Bosch Carbide Technology

The basic recipe for carbide is well known, but not all carbides are made equal. The challenge is combining the right amount of each ingredient to achieve the perfect balance of carbide properties. Following years of research and experience, Bosch engineers have determined the best proportion of high-quality tungsten carbide, cobalt, and other elements for each application.

Tungsten-carbide-tipped drill bits and blades from Bosch Professional Accessories offer the perfect combination of tungsten drilling and cutting strength as well as robustness. Designed to meet the most demanding expectations of professional craftspeople, our carbide drilling and cutting tips are built to last while cutting through the toughest materials.

A metal drill bit with a tungsten-carbide tip from Bosch Professional Accessories

Unique bonding for a long-lasting connection

For optimum performance, Bosch carbide teeth and carbide-tipped drill bits rely on the strongest bond between carbide element and accessory. Utilizing four distinct techniques to join the two, every Bosch carbide cutting or drilling accessory is purpose-designed to meet specific material and application challenges.

Induction-diffusion welding, resistance welding for individual teeth, a pre-welded carbide strip, and brazed carbide grit – each technique has been developed for distinct materials and purposes, ensuring highest performance and best work results.


Bosch Carbide Technology makes accessories extremely durable, reliable, and long-lasting, even compared to other carbide products.

Diagram explaining how a blade with carbide properties stays sharp for longer

Enduring Sharpness

Bosch carbide accessories are incredibly sharp and long-lasting, allowing you to cut faster than standard blades. The EXPERT ‘Thick Tough Metal’ Reciprocating Saw Blade not only lasts 100 times longer than a good quality Bi-Metal blade, but it cuts faster too. Cut your materials faster, to a higher standard, and over a longer period of time. You also lose less time changing carbide cutting bits or blades, meaning fewer trips to the van or store.

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Diagram explaining how Bosch carbide drill bit tips can perform at temperatures up to 1000°C

Extreme Heat Resistance

Bosch tungsten-carbide drill bits offer extreme heat resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C, allowing you to drill longer than standard drill bits. The EXPERT SDS MAX-8X HAMMER BITS lasts 3 times longer than a good quality drill bit, like the Bosch SDS max-4 Drill Bit.

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The new EXPERT line of top-performance accessories features a wide range of drill bit tips that leverage Bosch Professional Carbide Technology.

Diagram explaining how Bosch Professional Accessories carbide cutting tools can make more cuts or holes for a lower price

Why are Bosch Carbide Accessories Worth it?

The robust properties of these carbide power tool accessories mean a longer product lifetime, translating into a huge price-performance advantage. Professionals, in particular, should consider the price per cut or hole. By this measure, Bosch professional carbide accessories offer outstanding value.

Diagram explaining how Bosch Professional Accessories carbide cutting tools offer a better price per cut or price per hole

Why Do Professionals Rely on Bosch Carbide ?

Although users may pay a premium for a Bosch EXPERT blade or drill bit, the longevity and high performance of carbide accessories make them worth it.

With Carbide Technology offering up to 50 times the product lifespan in some applications, the cost per cut or hole can be 14 times less than with a ‘cheaper’ accessory. Designed to keep up with professional drilling and cutting work, tradespeople know they can rely on Bosch carbide accessories.

Diagram explaining the advantages of using a Bosch Full Carbide Head for drilling through rebar

What is the productivity advantage with a full carbide head drill bit ?

Bosch carbide accessories offer a significant advantage to users in terms of economy, productivity, and quality of work. With the Bosch Expert SDS Max-8X Hammer Drill Bit, you can punch through rebar in reinforced concrete again and again.


The result of 70 years of market-leading innovation, Bosch has accumulated unparalleled expertise in the area of carbide power tool accessories. Bosch Carbide Technology represents deep expertise in masonry and manufacturing going back many decades.

In accordance with our commitment to innovation, Bosch carbide accessories will always be at the very cutting edge of power tool technology. With Bosch Carbide Technology, you will be a pioneer, able to ply your trade to the highest standards currently possible.

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Backed by rigorous testing against industry benchmarks, the Bosch Carbide range of power tool accessories offers professional users new levels of performance and productivity. With carbide accessories, materials previously difficult or impossible to process are now easily possible to process.

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