Revolutionary Diamond Cutting Discs for Concrete, Steel and Tiles

Revolutionary Diamond Cutting Discs

The best your tool can get. Bosch Professional Accessories.

Cut and grind effectively with Diamond Technology

Grind faster for longer and achieve the best working results

Achieve consistent cutting depths with Long Life Diamond Technology

No burning or shrinking with Bosch Diamond Technology.

Experience High Precision Cutting with Diamond Technology

Cut even the hardest tiles smoothly.

Cut stone, concrete, bricks, ceramics and metal effectively with Diamond Technology

If you want to cut stone, steel or the hardest ceramics with your angle grinder, you will need a diamond disc. Diamond is known to be one of the is one the hardest materials. It therefore comes as no surprise that it is extremely effective for cutting some of the most challenging materials like metals, stone, concrete, bricks and ceramics.

Bosch Diamond Technology combines optimum diamond grits with advanced manufacturing and design features to offer an even higher performance level. With Diamond discs you get more cuts out of a diamond disc; grind faster for longer; and achieve the best working results.

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Achieve consistent cutting depth with no shrinking and burning with diamond cutting discs

Regular bonded discs will shrink and burn and eventually become too worn out to cut to the required depth. The Bosch Diamond Technology discs come with premium grits brazed directly onto a steel body to bring a new dimension of performance to your angle grinder.

For tradespeople and construction workers who are fed up with burning through bonded discs and money, the EXPERT Diamond Metal Wheel X-LOCK Diamond Disc offers a whole new way of cutting metal effectively.

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How to Grind Concrete Faster and with Greater Ease?

Thanks to the outstanding design and optimum quality of Bosch Diamond Technology you can grind concrete faster with greater ease.

Concrete grinding has long relied on diamond but remained a tedious job. So how do you make a concrete grinding head faster? Answer: By advanced positioning of the grinding pads; effective extraction of dust; and by choosing the right diamond grits and matrix. In other words, Bosch Diamond Technology.

The EXPERT Concrete Grinding Head brings together all these techniques to produce an extraordinarily fast grinding experience, making light work of the most tedious concrete grinding jobs.

While the EXPERT Concrete head offers 2x longer life than standard concrete grinding cups – like our 2608301573 Concrete and Standard for Concrete heads – the question “how long does it take to grind concrete?” is easily answered with the EXPERT Concrete Grinding Head: two times faster!

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Experience the High Precision Cutting Quality of EXPERT HardCeramic Disc

Every tradesman knows that, if you want to cut hard tiles, you will need a diamond disc. But some diamond discs cut better than others. Given the trend for larger, harder and more expensive tiles in modern homes, this difference can be the difference between success and happy customers or expensive failures on a prestigious job.

The Bosch EXPERT HardCeramic Disc was developed to cut these hard tiles to a high standard. The diamond grits are relatively small, to reduce chipping around the cut; its thin but strong body and continuous fluted rim offer maximum control and keep vibration low. The sheer quality of the diamonds and matrix allow hard ceramics allows professional to cut even the hardest tiles smoothly.

With Bosch Diamond Technology, you can be confident of achieving a professional finish on every job.

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Huge price-performance advantage with Bosch Diamond Technology

Diamond Technology accessories in the Bosch EXPERT range offer a huge price- performance advantage, backed by rigorous testing against industry benchmarks.

Long life and high precision for making and accurate clean cuts directly translate into better cost efficiency with Bosch Diamond Technology.

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