Which type of power tool user are you? Bosch blue or green?

As you might expect, most Bosch blue users are professional tradespeople. Their tools are required most of the time, and the jobs they tackle tend to be more ambitious, consisting of many different activities and lasting more than a single day. Think loft conversions, shop fitting or central-heating installation.

By contrast, a typical Bosch green user is a DIY enthusiast – someone who would only use power tools occasionally, and on jobs that are a short-lived, involving one or two main tasks. Think shelf hanging or curtain rail installation.

Depending which group you fall into, you will have different requirements in the following areas:

  • Tool functionality and specifications
  • Duration of tool use
  • Safety features
  • Features to minimise health risks
  • Warranty coverage

Bosch Green vs Blue: a question of specifications

The most important difference between Bosch blue and green? Bosch blue and green users naturally place different demands on their power tools. Because casual DIY work typically makes limited demands on tools, the products in the Bosch green range have modest but adequate specifications, standard features and lightweight construction.

For professional and intensive users, it is a different story. They want a power tool that can cope with serious challenges, like putting holes in concrete. And it should do so without stopping to recharge too often. The Bosch blue range does not disappoint!

True professionals invest in superior tools like the Bosch GSR 18-2-li plus Professional knowing that they will benefit from bullet-proof build quality. But wear and tear is a fact of life, and warranty coverage is therefore another important factor to consider in the green Bosch vs Blue Bosch debate. The Bosch blue range has an enhanced warranty option that ensures your power tool is back in action as quickly as possible. That is essential for anyone whose tools are their living.

Consider the following Bosch green vs blue comparison.

  Bosch GSR 18-2-li plus (blue)  Bosch PSR 18 li-2 (green) 
Max. torque 63 Nm46 Nm
Speed 1900 rpm1340 rpm
Battery 2 x 2Ah1 x 2.5Ah

The Safety Factor

Working with power tools all day every day, tradespeople and other intensive users are more likely to encounter risks to safety and health. This should be taken into account as part of your Bosch green vs blue decision-making process, since Bosch blue tools offer a host of features that offset risks of this kind.

Imagine you are drilling into a concrete wall when the bit unexpectedly meets rebar. If the clockwise-revolving bit suddenly stops, the body of the tool would spin rapidly in the opposite direction, potentially causing injuries. This is called kickback, and many tools in the blue range have a feature that protects you against it. An electronic sensor will detect the dangerous spinning movement almost instantly and stop the motor.

Here is another common safety scenario. As we all know, tools can sometimes be dropped – accidents happen. But when the tool in question is an angle grinder, for example, the spinning blade could cause a serious injury to feet or legs. That is why blue range tools incorporate a sensor that detects the drop at the instant of impact and stops the blade or bit.

A third safety example, which may have a ring of familiarity for you, relates to plug-in tools. On sites, there are many circumstances under which the mains power can be interrupted. The danger arises when power is restored unexpectedly. A tool could still be plugged in and switched on somewhere, and, in that situation, you would definitely not want it to restart in an uncontrolled environment. With a Bosch Professional blue power tool, this will never happen, since input is required from the user before the tool can be started again.

Stay Healthy

The dangers facing regular power tool users are not just short term. There are also long-term risks to health. The negative effects of inhaling dust are well known, and the Bosch blue range offsets this with various features. Many of the tools can be used with attachments that bring suction to bear at the point where dust is being generated. There are even drill bits with built-in suction functionality.

In addition to dust, vibration of equipment can have negative health consequences. But, unlike less sophisticated ranges, Bosch Professional power tools are designed to minimise this phenomenon. They do so by balancing every movement of the working parts with a counter movement.

Bosch blue vs Bosch green – have you made your decision? Whether you are more suited to the blue range or the green range, Bosch power tools are carefully designed to suit your needs and habits.