The smart solution for measuring and documenting surroundings, even outdoors.

It is important to use a device that is well suited to the type of measuring task in hand. So, before trying to identify which is the best Bosch laser measure for you as a professional, consider whether you are likely to be dealing with

  • measurements of up to 30m, 40m, 50m, 80m, 120m or 250m
  • measuring environments that are cramped
  • tall buildings or inaccessible measuring points
  • measuring independently
  • demanding documentation requirements

Laser measures that work with our Bosch Professional Measuring Master App

Two of the top-five laser measures from Bosch Professional – GLM 50 C Professional and GLM 120 C Professional – are given an extra dimension of professionalism through integration with the Bosch Measuring Master app. The intuitive app is a handy piece of software downloadable to your smart phone or tablet for free. It offers rich functionality for documenting measurements whilst performing calculations to create digital floor plans in the workplace.

The two compatible laser measures connect with the app via Bluetooth allowing a simple exchange of data and smart documentation of measurements.

Having created an image or plan in the app, the Bosch GLM 50 C Professional or Bosch GLM 120 C Professional can be used to add precise measurement values of the workplace. But the devices also have their own built-in suite of measuring capabilities, including calculation of height from distances and angles, wall area function, measuring gradients and many more intelligent features.

To add an element of ease to long distance measuring, the Bosch GLM 120 C Professional has a screen with a built in camera allowing the user to zoom in on distant measuring points to improve accuracy.

Bosch Professional laser measure comparison by types of use

All Bosch Professional laser measures have a clear display with easy-to-navigate options. As you would expect of equipment used on site, they are also resistant to dust, splashes and impacts (IP54). In addition to these shared features, each of the models is designed for specific types of use.

To begin with, the Bosch GLM 30 Professional provides measurement accuracy of +/- 2mm for distances up to 30 metres. As you will see, the names of all the Bosch Professional laser measures tell you the maximum range they were designed for. The Bosch GLM 30 Professional is a compact, cost-effective laser measure, designed for ease of use. You can take a measurement with just one button push, and the device will even add up the values for you if required.

The Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional is the Bosch Professional laser measure with the longest range. 250 metres, even outside, is no problem. To ensure that you get an accurate measurement at such distances, the device has a viewfinder on the side which can be used to zero in on the measuring point. This makes the device very useful for measuring tall buildings and structures that cannot easily be approached – a job that is made even easier by the built-in functions for calculating height from distances and angles.

The Bosch GLM 40 professional provides measurement accuracy of +/- 1.5mm for distances up to 40 metres. The GLM 40 not only measure distances, but also calculates the area and volume, offering multi-functional usage. The continuous measurement function allows the addition and subtraction of numerous measurements, allowing simple and easy calculations. The Bosch GLM 40 Professional offers versatility without any complexity.

The Bosch GLM 50 C offers a more sophisticated design with multiple functions and an accuracy of +/- 1.5mm. These functions include: Area, volume, an inclinometer in addition to indirect height and distances up to 50 metres. Bluetooth connectivity allows simple exchange of measured values via the Measuring Master app. The illuminated rotating interface offers ease of use, making this diverse laser measure simple to use.

The Bosch GLM 80 extends to 80 metres with an accuracy of +/- 1.5mm. Although functions are similar to the GLM 50 C, this laser measure differentiates itself due to the 360°

So, as you can see from this Bosch Professional laser measure comparison, there are devices in the range with features that are ideal for certain types or use: indoor, outdoor or quick and simple measurement.

Learn from our tutorial how to connect the Bosch GLM 120 C Professional with the Measuring Master App
Compare Bosch laser measures at a glance

For a straightforward Bosch Professional laser measure comparison, you can refer to the headline facts and figures in this table.

  Part number  Range/Distance  Units of measurement  Accuracy  App integration  Storage  Power source 
GLM 30 Professional 060107257030 mft/inches+/- 2mmNoN/A2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA)
GLM 40 Professional 06010290040 mm/cm/ft/inch+/- 1.5mmNo10 measurements2 x 1.5 V LR03 batteries (AAA)
GLM 50 C Professional 0601072C0050 mm/cm/ft/inch+/- 1.5mmYes30 measurements2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA)
GLM 80 Professional 060107237080 mm/cm/mm+/- 1.5mmNo20 measurementsLi-Ion battery – rechargeable via Micro USB
GLM 120 C Professional 0601072F70120 mm/cm/mm/ft/inch+/- 1.5mmYes50 measurementsLi-Ion battery – rechargeable via Micro USB
GLM 250 VF Professional 0601072170250 mm/cm/mm+/- 1mmNo10 measurements4 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA)
Bosch Professional Laser Measure Range
The GLM 40 Professional Laser Measure