Procedures for Measuring Tools


In order to keep your Bosch Professional measuring devices in excellent working order, it's very important to know about calibration procedures for measuring tools.

But what does calibration mean and why is calibration important? We have prepared a short guide to answer those questions.

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How To Use

Find out more about Bosch Professional measuring tools and their uses

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Green laser technology
Are green laser levelling devices for you?

Many construction professionals involved in levelling tasks are asking the same question: Is green laser better than red?

Read on to find out whether green laser levelling devices are for you.

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Comparing Measuring Tools
The best laser measure?

Different trades and professions involve making accurate measurements and presenting the figures to other people. With Bosch Professional measuring technology, those tasks become a lot easier, but which product is for you?

To help you make a Bosch Professional laser measure comparison, we brought together all the key information about our top five products in the category..

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