Trade and tools: Which items could you not do without?

For each trade, there is a set of professional power tools that are essential for typical daily tasks. If you think back, you will remember those items you were advised to buy before anything else when you started out in your line of work. These days, they are like an extension of your arm, and you make sure you get hold of the latest and best version whenever it comes out. At Bosch Professional, we have a deep knowledge of the relationship between each specific trade and tools that are most commonly used in it. This is reflected in the comprehensiveness of our professional range of blue power tools.

The relationship between trade and tools is not always exclusive. Some tools are required by almost all tradespeople at one time or another – drills and drivers for example. But even in such cases, there are specific features that can be considered essential for the needs of a particular trade. In relation to drills and drivers specifically, Bosch Professional offers a great many variations and highly configurable settings. So, when you are making a purchase of that kind, it always pays to read into the detail.

Trade and Tools: Electricians

An electrician may well have to put holes in everything from wood to concrete, so it is important that they have a drill of at least 18V. A separate impact driver is advisable, as this will cope better with tasks like removing rusted screws. Typical cutting tasks for this trade are often quite fiddly, so it is best to have a multi-cutter with a selection of blades. But one of the best electrician tools is definitely a line laser. This can be used to ensure that all the switches or sockets in a room are absolutely level with one another – important since they are on display.

Trade and Tools: Plumbers

Plumbing power tools will generally include an 18V drill, equipped with drill bits for every material and size of hole. Because their work frequently involves cutting pipe of various kinds, plumbers should also have a reciprocating saw. A piece of equipment that is highly specific to plumbers is the heat gun – used for thawing pipes. And to squeeze every last drop out of tubes of adhesive, a plumber may wish to use a battery-powered caulk gun.

Trade and Tools: Carpenters and Joiners

A carpenter is likely to be spending a great deal of time drilling holes and driving in screws – sometimes a lot of them one after another. As a result, they should definitely think about investing in several high-capacity batteries. The free Bosch Professional Toolbox App for mobile phones would also be very useful to a carpenter. Having connected your drill or driver to the app, you would receive advance warning when the tool is getting hot. The circular saw is, of course, another must-have among carpentry power tools. They are most effective when used with a blade designed for the particular type of surface you are cutting.

Joinery power tools naturally cross over with carpentry tools, but should allow for a higher degree of refinement. A sander, a planer and a router (perhaps even a large and a small router) are therefore a must. A joiner does not tend to perform the same action many times in succession, so having a separate drill and driver will ensure that they are not constantly changing attachments. Rather than relying mostly on a circular saw, like a carpenter, a joiner is likely to have the full set of mitre saw, jigsaw and table saw. After all, every job is easier if you have exactly the right tool.

Must-have construction tools

There are many tasks on a construction site that do not fall neatly into one trade or another. But Bosch Professional has them covered too. Knocking things down is often necessary before you can build them up. So, for situations like taking down walls, a rotary hammer is a must. For really heavy demolition tasks, like smashing concrete floors, a breaker is the tool you need. Angle grinders are a popular tool type, used to perform a wide variety of cutting and grinding jobs. By contrast, other tools in the blue range are highly specific. Everything from stone polishers to paddle mixers (for paint etc.) is available.