Cordless rotary hammers

GBH 18 V-18 Professional

Cordless Rotary Hammer with SDS plus

GBH 18 V-18

Rotary hammer with optimised power-to-weight ratio in the SDS plus cordless category

  • Features balanced power-to-weight ratio delivering 1.7 J of impact energy and weighing only 2.6 kg
  • Lightweight and compact design enables overhead drilling
  • Durable due to robust components and brushless motor
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Functions & key features

Woodworking The professional power tools for woodworking from Bosch.
 Illuminating of the work area
Battery charge level indicator shows the level of remaining battery charge
Easy and precise control of the RPM thanks to variable speed
Long motor lifetime Long motor lifetime because motor shuts off when overloaded, overheated or blocked

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  • in cardboard box with depth stop
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in cardboard box with depth stop

Part Number: 0 611 904 000

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in L-BOXX 136 with 2 x 5.0 Ah Li-ion battery, auxiliary handle

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Technical data

The most important data

Impact energy (according to EPTA 05/2016)* 1.7 J
Impact rate at rated speed* 0 – 4,550 bpm
Rated speed* 0 – 1,400 rpm
Battery voltage* 18.0 V
Tool holder SDS plus
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GBH 18 V-18 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GBH 18V-EC Professional is the most power-to-weight ratio optimised tool of the Bosch 18 V SDS plus cordless rotary hammer category. It features a balanced power-to-weight ratio, delivering 1.7 J of impact energy and weighing only 2.6 kg. The rotary hammer’s lightweight and compact design enables overhead drilling while its robust components and its brushless motor contribute to its durability.

Equipment & Application

This tool is intended for drilling and chiselling work in concrete masonry, wood, and metal. It is compatible with various dust attachments as well as all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System).

Additional Information

The GBH 18V-EC Professional also includes various additional features such as a Brushless Motor, Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), LED light, Rotation Control Clutch, Variable Speed, and Vario Lock.

EPTA Procedure 05: Single Impact Energy

European Power Tool Association (EPTA) Procedure 05 provides a common method for the determination of the single impact energy for rotary hammers and breakers.

It defines a standardized measurement method, which ensures comparability between different tools and member companies.

The parameters defined in this procedure are standardized, whereas the real parameters can vary, e.g. due to different working conditions, bit dimensions, condition of work piece.

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products