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GDE 162 Professional

System Accessories

The practical and universal dust guard for core drilling of up to 162 mm diameters

  • Enables clean and tidy work, reduces cleaning times, and improves user´s safety protection
  • Quick and easy attachment directly onto walls for highly convenient operation, various working positions offer flexibility
  • Universal dust attachment tool is also suitable for wet use
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Functions & key features

Click & Clean System – 3 great benefits A clear view of the work surface: You work more precisely and faster
Harmful dust is extracted immediately: Protects your health
Less dust: Longer lifetime of tool and accessories
Dust extraction directly into the integral dust bag on the tool and/or using an all-purpose dust extractor
Suitable for drilling in concrete
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GDE 162 Professional 1 600 A00 1G8
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GDE 162 Professional

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Technical data

The most important data

Compatible with all drilling tools
Drilling diameter max. 162 mm
Weight* 0.5 kg

GDE 162 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GDE 162 Professional dust guard is Bosch's practical and universal solution for core drilling large diameters of up to 162 mm. It enables clean and tidy work, reduces cleaning times, and improves the user´s safety protection. For high convenience and flexibility, it can be quickly and easily attached directly onto walls, can be adapted for various working positions, and is also suitable for wet use. It is designed for use with the Bosch Click & Clean System.

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products