Saw Blade and Hole Saw Sets

Saw blade and hole saw sets for reliable cuts using multiple tools. Looking for blades built for long-lasting, high-powered cutting? Most saw blades aren’t built to withstand the demanding nature of cutting through a range of materials, but our accessories are different. We lined our blades and saws with reinforced teeth and razor-sharp edges to make sure you can make precise cuts without chips or tears in the material. Benefit from solid, durable and reliable saw blades and hole saws that produce clean cuts through even the toughest metals.

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Versatile hole saw sets for any job

Hole saws have a specific yet very useful purpose. They can cut holes of various sizes in different materials and can typically cut larger holes than a standard drill bit can. A hole saw can be mounted onto a drill via an arbor. Hole saw sets from Bosch Professional Accessories are compiled of a diverse range of holes saws for versatile drilling. Multiple hole saws simplify the process of creating holes of varying sizes and offer maximum flexibility, especially when working with multiple material types. Discover our range of hole saw kits and find the perfect set of tools for your next project.

Hole cutting made easy with Bosch Professional Accessories

Designed for portability and for keeping tools organised, hole saw sets from Bosch Professional Accessories come neatly packaged in their own durable cases. Our high-quality hole saw kits also offer multiple advantages over other options on the market. Their durable construction, for example, allows them to last up to 50 times longer than conventional hole saws. They also feature carbide-tipped teeth designed to cut through almost anything, meaning they can withstand encounters with tough materials, such as screws or nails.

The Bosch patented slot design ensures for improved view and plug ejection. This means you won’t need to waste valuable time using a screwdriver to remove a small circular section of wood from your saw. Our range of Bosch hole saw cutter sets easily cut through wood, drywall, tile, metal, and plastic and are available in a range of sizes - from 20mm up to 76mm as part of four different hole cutter set sizes.

Metal hole saw sets can cut through stainless steel and are extremely durable. What’s more, they can be used with our Bosch Power Change Plus keyless arbor for increased accuracy and strong drilling. What’s more, they can be used with our Bosch Power Change Plus keyless arbor for increased accuracy and strong drilling.

Compile your own hole cutter sets

You also have the option to create your own hole saw cutter set. Choose from our selection of Bosch Professional hole saws and assemble a collection of saws and accessories that meet your specific requirements. Available in two cutting depths – less than 45mm and up to 60mm - our ‘compile-it-yourself’ empty hole cutter set offers even more versatility and flexibility. Enjoy the saws, adaptors, and replacement bits you need in one compact set, whether at home or on the jobsite.

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