The best your tool can get.

Bosch Professional Accessories.
Getting tough jobs done

Getting tough jobs done

Scraping, repairing and modifying boats can be a challenge - But not for Bas. With the carbide reciprocating Saw Blades from Bosch, cutting through wood, metal, aluminum or steel is no problem. Bas knows he is able to get the tough jobs done, able to work even faster and more efficiently.

The best your tool can get. Bosch Professional Accessories.

Made to whithstand the toughest applications

Made to whithstand the toughest applications

Modern building materials increasingly include hardened steel elements that cannot be cut with just any blade. Tested to endure even the most extreme applications, Bosch's new carbide blades are perfectly suited for all those though jobs where other blades fail quickly.

Unmatched Capability and Longevity

Unmatched Capability and Longevity

Bosch's blades are made with state of the art carbide technology, ensuring an effective cut over and over, even under the toughest conditions.

Experience the outstanding quality and edurance of Bosch's carbide blades.

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