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Find diamond accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find diamond accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Diamond cutting discs for maximum precision

Diamond cutting discs from Bosch Professional offer the cleanest and most precise cuts across a huge range of materials. From concrete cutting discs to discs for hard ceramic tiles, everything has been designed for a smooth cutting experience for true professionals. Made for heavy-duty angle grinders, mini-angle grinders, table saws, and other suitable power tools, our range of diamond cutting wheels and discs features Bosch Diamond Technology for ultimate efficiency and accuracy when working.

Stress-free work with Bosch Diamond Technology

When working with hard materials in construction, making sure you have the right tools can mean the difference between a good job and a poor one. This can particularly be the case when cutting hard and expensive materials, such as ceramic tile, premium stone like marble and granite. Accuracy and precision are key and enable you to shape materials without compromising either aesthetic or structural integrity.

Bosch Diamond Technology ensures this is possible by offering extremely durable cutting edges. Low Friction Segments help minimize wear, increase precision up to four times ensuring clean and efficient cutting capability.

Additionally, Bosch Professional diamond disc cutters are manufactured with thin blades to maximize cooling while cutting. This allows you to work for longer without compromising efficiency. Chip-free cutting is also possible thanks to our Continuous Rim technology, further enchaining precision and allowing you to complete all kinds of work without fear of damaging expensive materials.

The right tool for any job — diamond cutting discs for grinders and saws

Whatever tools you use for cutting and shaping, Bosch Professional has the right diamond cutting blade for your next project. For example, our EXPERT HardCeramic tile discs are available in a range of diameters with a 22.33mm bore for small angle grinders, as well as with a 10mm bore for mini angle grinders with a 76mm diameter. Additionally, our EXPERT HardCeramic range is available with X-LOCK for the speedy swapping of diamond cutting discs on time-consuming jobs.

The new Bosch EXPERT range of MultiMaterial disks expands functionality even further. Available for mini, small angle grinders and large angle grinders, Bosch offers you a broad range of diamond cutting wheels suitable for your existing tools.

Explore the Bosch range of diamond blades for grinding and cutting power tools and increase precision while cutting for the hardest materials and in the most challenging site conditions. Power up your toolbox today and enjoy longer-lasting, easier to use essentials that won’t let you down when working.