Bosch’s Cordless Angle Grinder – Competently Accomplishing all your Grinding Jobs

Bosch’s cordless angle grinder – combining the convenience of easy handling and maximum work performance for all of your grinding, cutting, and roughing needs.

Since it expertly unites effortless operation and exceptional power, Bosch’s 18 V angle grinder is certainly an exceptional power tool for all of your grinding, cutting, and roughing needs. The compact size and ergonomically designed grip of the cordless angle grinder make Bosch’s battery powered angle grinder extremely easy and safe to handle regardless of what material you are working with.

Simply Bosch – enabling full freedom of movement at a powerful performance

Designed for fast cuts and so much more, Bosch’s battery angle grinder makes it possible for you to work independently from a constant power source. This is extremely appealing since it means that you can work without being tethered to cables or power cords and can easily access those hard to get to work areas.

Besides the obvious metal cutting and grinding uses, the battery powered angle grinder by Bosch should be your go-to tool whenever you have to cut or smooth metal against concrete or masonry. Bosch’s cordless angle grinders are also the ideal power tools to use when you need to cut off misplaced rebar or anchor bolts flush to a foundation wall or would simply like to grind the stubs of concrete-form ties. So regardless of whether your next home improvement or construction job involves the smoothing of ridges left on concrete walls from form seams, demoing tile walls or slicing through plaster or stucco—Bosch’s cordless angle grinder will help you get the job done right.

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