Bosch Cordless Hammer Drills: When Compact Design Encounters Enormous Power

No matter how big or small your next construction project may be, Bosch’s flexible yet robust cordless hammer drills are the ideal power tools for the job since they work like magic on concrete, stone, metal, and steel and possess the power to tackle even the toughest of jobs.

Developed for various drilling applications in concrete, stone, metal and steel, Bosch cordless hammer drills’ long battery run-time, excellent manageability, and user comfort make sure that you can carry out all of your mobile hammer drilling, drilling, and chiselling work as efficiently and accurately as possible. In addition to their ergonomic design and soft-grip handle Bosch’s high performance 18 V cordless hammer drills have an exceptional impact-to-weight ratio – to deliver performance and efficiency, when and where you need it.

Bosch’s cordless hammer drills – built to tackle even the toughest of jobs.

Bosch’s cordless SDS drills are compact and powerful, offering you an unlimited freedom of movement on even the toughest of jobs. Their state of the art lightweight, long-lasting lithium-ion technology makes it possible for Bosch’s versatile 18 V cordless hammer drills to combine the flexibility of cordless design with the power needed to tackle projects that used to call for bulkier, corded models. So regardless of whether you need to dig precise holes in the ceiling, plan on fitting a new door or window into a concrete wall or would like to tear down – part or all – of an existing wall, Bosch’s robust and powerful SDS battery drills should be your excellent power tools of choice, since they will not merely help you to get the job done – they will make sure that you get it done right.

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