Bosch’s Cordless Palm Router – the Ideal Tool for Professional Woodworking Jobs

Regardless of the project, professionals can trust Bosch’s cordless palm router to help them get the best results on all their woodworking tasks. Bosch's exceptionally versatile cordless palm router will enable carpenters to achieve the perfect finish, for every worksite project.

Professionals can rely on Bosch’s cordless palm router to perform a wide variety of woodworking tasks, no matter what the project is. The compact cordless palm router’s unbeatable versatility and easy handling for a wide range of woodworking tasks, make Bosch’s compact cordless palm router one of the best palm routers that is available on the market. Despite the fact that you may not know what your next woodworking project has in store for you, you can count on Bosch’s cordless trim router to help you effortlessly accomplish the job. Bosch’s palm router can help you whether the task at hand requires you to shape edges, create joints, hollow out wood, round stair treads, trim laminate or round over the edges of cabinet doors. Even when you need to engage in more creative woodwork, such as fashioning a decorative profile along the edge of a piece of wood, creating custom house trim or adding detail to furniture projects, Bosch’s battery palm router will enable you to achieve the perfect finish, for every worksite project.

Combining freedom of movement with lightweight and ergonomic design: Simply Bosch

In contrast to its tethered counterparts, Bosch’s cordless palm router offers you full freedom of movement, so that you won’t tangle up or trip over the cord and can focus on your work. Bosch’s cordless trim router was built to make edge routing and trimming effortless and convenient. The cordless palm router features distinctive ergonomic gripping areas that are positioned over the workpiece for easy handling and maximum on the job stability.

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