Bosch Cordless Radios, bringing you entertainment whenever and wherever you like

Bosch’s cordless radios are the ideal partner for on the job entertainment. Make sure you have fun while getting the job done.

The ideal rechargeable radio by Bosch – both for professional job-sites and wherever life takes you.

Bosch’s 18 V radios are the ultimate portable radios for all of those hard-working people who do not want to miss out on quality entertainment while carrying out serious construction jobs, working on important home improvement projects, or engaging in any kind of leisure activities. Since Bosch’s practical and extremely sturdy cordless radios make sure that you can enjoy your favourite music, radio station or program while you work, they are – without a doubt – the ideal work companion – for professional job-sites and all of the other places that life may take you.

Bosch’s cordless radios get going when the going gets tough.

At the simple press of a button, you can either pick your favourite station or easily hook up an external audio device. Within seconds you can get down to your favorite music or listen to a program of your choice whenever and wherever you happen to be working on your next construction project. When the going gets tough, Bosch’s easy to operate and durable cordless radio will provide you with heavy-duty sound. After a job well accomplished, you can simply place your cordless Bosch radio next to your power tool of choice, since the portable radio fits precisely in one half of a Bosch L- Boxx 136. This makes Bosch’s cordless radio your perfect and most entertaining job-site companion for on the go.

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