Bosch’s Cordless Sabre Saws for Safe Sawing and Effortless Handling

A compact cordless sabre saw is the ideal power tool for a wide variety of applications in wood, metal or plastic. A cordless sabre saw by Bosch will take the stress and strain out of whatever cutting tasks you need to tackle, so you can move on to bigger and better things.

Whatever construction work you may have in mind, Bosch’s compact cordless sabre saw is ideal for versatile applications in wood, metal or plastic. Being able to take your Bosch 18V reciprocating saw with you wherever you go is not only extremely handy but also means that your days of worrying whether or not there will be an electrical outlet at your job site are finally a thing of the past. Furthermore, not having to constantly worry about tripping over or cutting into electrical cords on the floor – and elsewhere – will make your job site a much cleaner and safer place to work.

The Bosch 18V sabre saw – your power tool of choice for quick and easy construction work

Thanks to its compact design, Bosch’s cordless sabre saw ensures perfect handling at all times and can effortlessly be used single-handedly due to its incredibly low weight. Its small grip circumference and low weight are ingenious attributes that will allow you to get the job done.

With a pendulum cutting action for faster cuts, Bosch’s cordless sabre saw is a high-performance power tool powered by Bosch’s, long-lasting lithium-ion technology. Bosch’s cordless reciprocating saws possess enough power to get any project done. The cordless sabre saw’s LED work light will make sure that you see what you are doing even in the tightest of spaces and toughest of environments.

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