An indispensable electronic assistant, the Bosch Toolbox App is dedicated to getting the best out of your professional tools.

All tradespeople can benefit from the app, since it works with a range of different Bosch Professional tools. Compatible products are instantly recognisable since they all have a C for ‘connect’ at the end of their name. Moreover, the app has five main functions that are relevant in some very common work situations. Those functions are:

Changing tool settings – easily select a configuration for your current task
Measuring – take measurements with your camera and display values in a picture
Documenting jobs – create organised documentation with pictures, video and sound
Reporting – conveniently record work done and materials used
Converter – quickly convert between units of measurement

Functions of the Bosch Professional Toolbox App

Upgrade Yourself with the Bosch Toolbox App

As a professional, you know that different jobs require different tool settings, such as speed, torque and clutch behaviour. With the Bosch Professional Toolbox App, it is simplicity itself to select the appropriate configuration for your current task – or just to return to your favourite tool settings. Using a straightforward configuration screen, you can easily swap between preconfigured set-ups. The app communicates with the tool in a quick and hassle-free way via a wireless or plug-in connection.

Even if you don’t work with power tools, this Bosch Professional app has some very useful control capabilities. You can use it to turn lighting on or off with your connected Bosch Professional cordless lights, making it much safer to walk around a site. Place Bosch Professional GLI 18V-1900 C floodlights in any dark or dangerous area and use the app to light up the scene before you get there.

Taking clear and accurate measurements is a universal requirement for tradespeople. The Bosch Professional Toolbox App can make the measurements more useful by putting the values straight into a picture taken on site. For situations that require extreme accuracy, the app can receive data from Bosch Professional laser measuring tools.

For maximum convenience, the Bosch Toolbox App even has a powerful utility for performing conversions between units of measurement. The interface is designed for clarity and ease of use.

But length and width are not the only forms of measurement. The app can also receive thermal images from Bosch Professional’s GTC 400 C camera, storing them and making them available for use in documentation.

An App that makes documenting your work easy

There are enormous benefits to documenting your work clearly. Client relations run much more smoothly when there is a clear description of the site before, during and after a job. That is why the Bosch Professional Toolbox App lets you create documentation consisting of pictures, videos and sound recordings. It will make your documentation richer and more reliable. Just as importantly, the various media are organised for you in a convenient way.

Accounting for your time and materials used is made simple: The app lets you keep a detailed record, entering each activity and item used. In addition, because your mobile device is always sitting in your pocket, the record-keeping process will become an instinctive part of your routine.

Upgrade yourself with the Bosch Toolbox App for professionals now!