The best your tool can get.

Bosch Professional Accessories.
SDS 4 Cutter Drill Bits for reinforced concrete and masonry

Hammer Drill


Bosch Professional's Hammer Drilling solution.

The best your tool can get. Bosch Professional Accessories.

The best solution for Hammer Drilling applications

The 4 cutter design prevents the drill bits from getting stuck when hitting rebar. Bosch Professional Accessories set a design and performance benchmark in robustness and lifetime.

More Lifetime

Bosch's 4 Cutter SDS drill bit heads are composed of high quality carbide enabling the drill bit to drill hole after hole - again and again.

More Safety

4 Cutter Drill bits are specifically desgined for drilling in masonry and concrete with rebar.

The 4 cutter head design prevents the drill bit from jamming when hitting rebar, avoiding kickback and breakage.

More Robustness

Bosch's Full Carbide Head and embeded design 4 Cutter SDS Drill bits widstand the thoughest applications.

The strong bonding between head and steel body makes the drill bits extremly heat and stress resistant preventing the head from breaking.

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