Wet/Dry Extractor
GAS 55 M AFC Professional

£705.80 Including VAT.
with nozzle, Accessory

Versatile wet/dry M-class dust extractor with automatic filter cleaning

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Technical data

The most important data

Rated input power 1,200 W
Weight 16.2 kg
Container volume, gross 55 l
Container volume, net 43 l
Container volume, net, water 40 l
Dust class of wet/dry extractor M
Dust class M
Tool dimensions (width) 375 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 570 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 865 mm
Filter surface area 6,150 cm²
Max. airflow rate (turbine) 74 l/s
Max. vacuum pressure (turbine) 254 mbar
Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 600 x 948 x 400 mm
Voltage, electrical 240 V


Versatile wet/dry M-class dust extractor with automatic filter cleaning

  • Automatic filter cleaning technology ensures consistent and powerful suction for a very fast work progress
  • Certified as M-class dust extractor in accordance to EU standards, for enhanced user protection
  • Powerful 1,380 W suction turbine, with 254 mbars of high vacuum pressure, delivers the best extraction results


Click & Clean System – 3 great benefits A clear view of the work surface: You work more precisely and faster
Harmful dust is extracted immediately: Protects your health
Less dust: Longer lifetime of tool and accessories
Most comfortable and easy filter cleaning thanks to automatic filter cleaning (every 15 sec) while having constant suction power for continuous work progress
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Scope of supply

with nozzle, Accessory

Part Number: 06019C3360

Including VAT.

Selected version

Price includes:

  • Crevice nozzle, 35 mm diameter 2 607 000 165
  • Disposal bag 2 607 432 043
  • Elbow 2 608 000 573
  • Floor nozzle set, 35 mm diameter 1 609 390 478
  • 1 x PES flat-pleated filter 2 607 432 034
  • Voltage 240 V
  • 3 x 0.35 m chrome-plated suction tube, 35 mm diameter 2 608 000 575
  • 5 m hose, 35 mm diameter, antistatic, with power tool adapter 2 608 000 566

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