Bosch’s Cordless Impact Wrenches: Combining Uncomplicated Handling and Immense Power

Regardless of whether you are working with wood or metal: Working with a compact cordless impact wrench by Bosch will enable you to quickly drive, fit or loosen screws, making it the ideal power tool for your next construction job or even home improvement project.

With their exceptionally high speed and torque, Bosch’s 18 V impact wrenches are exceptionally sturdy and powerful tools when it comes to driving screws through the thickest and densest wood as well as through metal and concrete. These qualities make Bosch’s electric impact wrenches ideal for building decks, installing tile backer board, and screwing down plywood subfloors.

Bringing together easy handling and exceptional power—Bosch’s cordless impact drivers

Due to their user-friendly, compact ergonomic design, Bosch’s cordless impact wrenches offer optimum handling, especially whenever you need to drive, fit or loosen screws overhead or in tight spaces that are particularly hard to access. In addition to the great advantage of being able to fit in the tiniest and most confined of spaces, Bosch’s cordless impact wrenches are each equipped with an integrated LED light that illuminates your work area, so you can work efficiently. Despite their high speed and torque power, Bosch’s cordless impact wrenches are effortless and comfortable to use, because the concussive action transfers much of that high-energy torque directly to the screw, not to your wrist or forearm.

A cordless impact driver by Bosch should be your power tool of choice; if your next building project or construction job involves either having to drive a countless amount of screws, or a lot of very large or long screws, or both.

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