Bosch’s Cordless Orbital Sanders – for Effortless Polishing and Sanding on a Wide Variety of Applications

Choosing to work with Bosch's compact and convenient cordless orbital sander means that you will be able to experience full freedom of movement, complete control, and easy handling, even if you’re sanding overhead or in tight, hard to access spaces.

Bosch’s compact cordless orbital sander will make each and every one of your on the job sanding tasks an exceptionally comfortable and convenient affair, since the handy battery powered orbital sander not only makes it possible for you to professionally sand and polish a wide range of materials but also takes much of the stress and strain out of sanding in areas that hard to reach as well as jobs that require overhead sanding. Bosch’s 18V orbital sander’s exceptional handling ensures that you will have full operational control, regardless of whether the sanding job at hand requires you to work horizontally, vertically, or overhead, making Bosch’s battery orbital sander your go-to sander for any working position.

Full freedom of movement for effortless sanding: Brought to you by Bosch

In addition to enabling you to effortlessly work overhead and in hard to access spaces and tricky corners, Bosch’s cordless orbital sander lets you have full freedom of movement as you work. You will no longer have to worry about tripping over electrical cables or damaging the surface of sensitive materials. Regardless of whether your next project will involve sanding wooden beams, door frames or furniture, or polishing plastic and painted surfaces such as automotive parts, Bosch’s battery powered orbital sander will make it possible for you to happily sand away without the need to hook up to a power supply.

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