Cordless Work Lights: Lighting Power for Professional Construction Projects

If you want to deliver flawless results, you need to make sure that your worksite is perfectly illuminated. A Bosch cordless work light provides plenty of light for any project and at any time of day – or night.

Building projects and construction jobs usually run on a tight schedule, which makes it impossible to rely on daylight to illuminate your worksite. Especially when working indoors, during night time or with workpieces full of nooks and crannies, a powerful and portable work light is essential. Adjustable lighting angles make sure that even the darkest corners and areas are flooded evenly with light. Compact and versatile, all Bosch cordless work lights can be placed wherever you like – and exactly where you need their lighting power.

Bosch cordless work lights: quick and simple battery replacement

Battery work lights from Bosch are available in the 12V-LI to 18V classes. With an unbeatable battery runtime, they are ready to use all day long. If your workday stretches into the evening, your rechargeable work light keeps going with you: Quick and simple battery replacement ensures that you need to interrupt your work only briefly. In addition to that, there is no need to keep a large stock of extra batteries for your cordless work light. All Bosch power tools use the same battery pack and are interchangeable within their volt-system class.

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