Having invested in superb measuring devices from Bosch Professional, you naturally want to ensure that they continue working well for many years. One of the most important requirements is that your instruments regularly receive a recalibration, meaning that they are checked and adjusted for accuracy.

This requirement applies to laser measuring, levelling and detecting instruments of all kinds, but also optical levels.

As part of its commitment to your professional success, Bosch Professional makes this important service available in a convenient way. We urge you to take advantage of it to ensure that you are always carrying out first-class work for your customers.

Why is recalibration necessary?

Construction sites and other locations where Bosch Professional tools are used tend to be potentially harmful environments. There are many possible hazards that could affect your measuring tools measuring accuracy, but here are some of the most common. And remember, you may or may not witness a harmful incidents:

  • Drops. Someone could easily knock over a tripod bearing one of your instruments.
  • Impacts: Equipment is especially vulnerable when you are travelling to a site (perhaps over rough ground), although risk is reduced by always using a carrying case.
  • Extreme heat or cold or rapid changes: For example, if an instrument is left too close to a heater.
  • Contamination: Many substances are used in construction and could easily find their way onto your device; dust may also be a problem both indoors and outdoors.

Another important factor to consider is the potential harm to your business if a measuring mistake is made.

Imagine a relatively small-scale example. A window gap is measured incorrectly, and an expensive frame is ordered and delivered. But then, during installation, you discover that the window does not fit. The cost of the mistake would not only be financial. It would also be a blow to your reputation with long-term consequences. And you can probably think of other examples in which the remedial work would be extremely serious and expensive.

Faced with such consequences, why would you not maintain good calibration procedures for your measuring tools?

Good calibration procedures for measuring tools

Annual recalibration of all your laser measures and optical levels is recommended by Bosch Professional. That includes the following:

  • Combi lasers
  • Rotation lasers
  • Floor surface lasers
  • Line lasers
  • Point lasers
  • Receivers
  • Optical levels
  • Detectors
  • Laser measures
  • Thermo camera and detectors

However, if you witness a specific harmful event, or suspect that one has occurred, it is very important that you seek recalibration of the affected device before using it again.

It's easy to access Bosch Professional’s recalibration service in order to carry out regular or one off calibration procedures for measuring tools. Just contact Bosch Professional as described in the standard repair and service information on our website. When you fill out your repair and service form, remember to indicate that you are requesting recalibration. Device collection or other means of delivery will then be arranged.

You can be confident that all work carried out by Bosch Professional is performed by qualified experts. In fact, the recalibration process, which meets the rigorous ISO 9000 standard, will be documented on an official Bosch Professional certificate.

Request recalibration now!