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GCL 2-50 C Professional

Combi Laser

Smart functions for maximum productivity

  • Bluetooth®-connection paired with Levelling Remote App offers remote-control adjustment of the tool via a smartphone
  • Dual Power Source allows for a 12 V-Li-ion battery or standard alkaline batteries for increased flexibility
  • Precise alignment of laser lines around centred plumb points with the manual RM 2 or motorised RM 3
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Simply.Connected. - Simply. Efficient. thanks to smartphone connection and Bosch App
Dual power source
Working with receiver for higher working range
Easy line positioning around the plumb dot
Slide mechanism

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  • with 4 x battery (AA), adapter
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with 4 x battery (AA), adapter 0 601 066 G00

GCL 2-50 C Professional

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with 4 x battery (AA), adapter

Part Number: 0 601 066 G00

Technical data

The most important data

Laser diode 635 – 650 nm
Operating temperature -10 – 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 70 °C
Laser class 2
Working range 20 m
Working range with receiver 50 m
Accuracy ± 0.3 mm/m* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Working range of laser points, max. 10 m (top), 10 m (bottom)
Self-levelling range ± 4°
Dust and splash protection IP 54 *** (***except for the lithium-ion battery and AA1 battery adapter)
Power supply 12 V Li-ion or 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
Operating time (max.) 18 h (Li-Ion) and 10 h (4 x AA) in cross-line and point operation, 25 h (Li-Ion) and 16 h (4 x AA) in cross-line operation, 35 h (Li-Ion) and 28 h (4 x AA) in line operation, 60 h (Li-Ion) and 32 h (4 x AA) in point operation
Tripod thread 1/4"
Weight, approx. 0.6 kg
Colour of laser line red
Color of plumb points red
Projection 2 lines / 2 points
Plumb point accuracy ± 0.7 mm/m* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Compatible laser receivers LR 6 + 7
GCL 2-50 C

GCL 2-50 C Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The combi laser GCL 2-50 C Professional offers many smart functions for maximum efficiency. A Bluetooth®-connection provides remote-control adjustments via a smartphone app, while Dual Power Source allows 12 V Li-ion or standard alkaline batteries for added flexibility. For precise positioning around the centred plumb points, the optional RM 3 Professional offers motorised control, and RM 2 Professional allows for manual adjustments.

Equipment & Application

It is designed for horizontal and vertical alignments with a long overshoot of nearly 360° and is suitable for projects such as dry wall installation and interior finishing.

Additional Information

The GCL 2-50 C Professional's horizontal and vertical laser lines and two centred plumb points offer optimal visibility of up to 20 m without a receiver and 50 m with a receiver.


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