Which bit drills best into hard tiles?

Bosch CYL-9 Ceramic

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Bosch Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic

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Premium porcelain tiles |↔| 7mm thickness Hardness grade PEI 5 (maximum hardness)

Bosch Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic

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  • Multi-faceted carbide tip cuts into hard tiles effectively.

  • Asymmetric design ensures edges bite like teeth into hard material, concentrating force for efficient drilling.

  • Active centering tip combines precise starting with efficient drilling. Virtually removing the center of rotation which would just generate heat and not cut any material.

  • Reduced chisel edge increases effectiveness in hardest tile. Minimizes friction and increases progress during drill bit rotation.

Rooftile Tiles

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Bosch Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic

Exceptionally durable drill bit tip with Bosch Carbide Technology.

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