Which disc cuts best?

Standard multimaterial diamond disc

  • m2 cut 0

Bosch Expert Multi Material

  • m2 cut 0

Concrete pillar with rebar

Bosch Expert Multi Material

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  • The advanced ‛matrix’ of metal and diamond grits is optimised for endurance and designed to stay razor sharp. Ideal for cutting reinforced concrete, brick, roofing tiles and concrete.

  • The self-sharpening EXPERT Multi Material maintains its superior cutting power and sharpness as diamonds are constantly exposed as segments slowly wear.

  • Low Friction Segments designed to minimise wear. The fluting removes dust and reduces unnecessary grinding on the sides of the disc.

  • For the strongest connection and long life, the cutting segments are welded onto a hard steel body using laser technology. This gives a lasting and very reliable weld.

Reinforced Concrete Concrete Brick Soft Stone

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Bosch Expert Multi Material

Up to 4x Long Life with Bosch Diamond Technology cutting construction materials.

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