Which drill bit is best for rebar?

Bosch SDS max-4

  • # rebar hits 0
  • RRP: £73.92 150 bits a year 0

Bosch Expert SDS max-8X

  • # rebar hits 0
  • RRP: £133.20 50 bits a year 0
10mm rebar


Bosch Expert SDS max-8X

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  • Full carbide head for impact resistance and long life achieved with large grains of Tungsten Carbide and a generous Cobalt mix.

  • Extremely high stress resistant thanks to the strong and long-lasting welded bond between the steel body and full carbide head.

  • The sharp 90° centering tip provides an accurate start, enabling the drilling of precise holes in reinforced concrete, e.g. for anchor setting.

  • The full carbide head resists heat by up to 1000°C and prevents breakage during extreme impact, where standard embedded carbide head fails.

Reinforced Concrete

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Bosch Expert SDS max-8X

Exceptionally durable drill bit tip with Bosch Carbide Technology.

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