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Bosch S3456XF

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  • RRP: £7.40 Cost per cut £7.40

Bosch Expert Multi Material

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  • RRP: £25.49 Cost per cut £25.49

60mm Cast iron pipes

Bosch Expert Multi Material

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  • Unique bonding for a long-lasting connection between blade and carbide teeth. Carbide teeth are purpose-built for wear-resistant cutting.

  • Thick gauge blade for extra robustness and stability. It stays true to the intended cut, allowing accurate work in heavy applications.

  • Long life means enduring sharpness. The carbide blade with welded carbide tips does not wear and stays sharp for longer.

  • Easy access with tapered tip, reaching deep into tight spaces. Perfect for getting access to the right place to start the cut.

  • The EXPERT ‘Multi Material’ can cut the hardest steel and all materials on the construction site. The progressive tooth pitch is designed to cut thin and thick materials alike.

Cast Iron CFK GFK Wood with Metal Construction Wood Plastic

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Bosch Expert Multi Material

Exceptional durability is built in with Bosch Carbide Technology.

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