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Bosch R444

  • 0 secs

Expert R782 Prisma Disc

  • 0 secs

Remove 112g of metal from typical steel plate

Bosch Expert R782 Prisma Disc

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  • The cooling aids in the top coat of the fibre disc help prevent overheating during the grinding process, allowing you to grind faster, for longer.

  • The optimal triangular shape of every single ceramic grain offers a far more consistent cutting action than traditional abrasive grits.

  • The perfectly shaped triangular grains cut through metal efficiently for extremely fast stock removal.

  • Stays faster for longer due to self -sharpening effect. Prisma Ceramic triangles fracture evenly to present new sharp edges which maintain its high work speed.

Stainless Steel Sheets

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Bosch Expert R782 Prisma Disc

Fast stock removal with Bosch Prisma Ceramic technology.

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