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Bosch 2608580419

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Bosch Expert Tough Material

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Cutting wood with hard nails

Bosch Expert Tough Material

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  • Unique bonding for a long-lasting connection between holesaw and carbide teeth. Each tooth is laser welded and ground six times for the perfect cutting shape. Cuts holes up to 60 mm in depth.

  • Purpose-built carbide teeth for wear-resistant cutting achieved with the right mix of Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt for toughness.

  • Long life means enduring sharpness. The welded carbide tips do not wear and stay sharp for longer. Ideal for tough jobs on the construction site.

  • The Bosch EXPERT Tough Material Holesaw is ideal for cutting multi-materials on the construction site such as wood, drywall, metal, stainless steel, brick, soft tiles and reinforced plastics.

Wood with Metal Steel Sheets Brick Tiles Plastic

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Bosch Expert Tough Material

Exceptional durability is built in with Bosch Carbide Technology.

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